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Friday, March 04, 2005

Day in the Life: March 4

Enough about work....let's talk about food......In between a bunch of meetings I was at some great Minneapolis restaurants......check them out.

Breakfast at Maria's on Franklin Avenue. I had my favorite...the corn pancakes with cheese. After work met a group at Coconut Grove on Penn Av. N. in Fowell....this is a real find....wonderful island food, plenty spicy in a warm room with salsa and sooka music. We were there filming this community television piece encouraging people to go out after the smoking ban goes into effect....the owner of Coconut Grove went smoke free from the start, in honor of his mother who died of lung cancer.....a good reminder of why we are doing this.

Late night glass of wine at the great new wine bar across from the Riverview Theater in Longfellow.....It was packed with people in the wine bar having reasonably priced drinks off a very broad wine and beer menu....and others listening to the band in the coffee shop next door.

We stopped in there after seeing a movie at the Riverview Theater.

None of the businesses I mentioned above were open five years ago, and most opened in the past year or two.... Watching the owner of the wine bar rushing around from table to table reminded me there is a lot of sweat in opening these one of a kind businesses but it's also what makes the city so much better than a run of the mill 'burb filled with chains.


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