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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day in the Life: March 3

A great coalition of busines, civic and political leaders....and a big group of students joined me for this morning's press conference to kick off Step Up. We seem well on our way to creating 300 summer jobs for kids, including this piece of great news: 75 kids from Edison High School alone have signed up. Think about what it will mean for north Minneapolis is 75 more kids are workign this summer....I really hope everyone can find a way to create a Step Up job....go to www.achieveminneapolis.org. The crowd included Richard Davis, president of US Bank; Ben Taylor, sr. vp. of Star Tribune; Ben Taylor of the University of Minnesota, Supt. Peebles, School Board Chair Joe Erickson; Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar.....lots more......and some great kids who deserve their first step on a career ladder.
Over the noon hour we filmed the first part of a show for city cable about what it will be like to have smoke free bars and restaurants. Today's segment was an in awesome new restaurant...the Longfellow Grill on Lake Street and the River Road.....Really great food in this wonderful new building with big windows overlooking the river....and in summer an outdoor patio.....I predict this will be one of the city's most popular restaurants this summer.....and the added bonus is it's already smoke free.
Tonight was at a meeting to tell residents who were promised full mitigation for their homes when the airport was expanded what the airports commission is up to now. Talking with people in the audience I heard a series of stories of people who were promised improvements in their homes....the largest investments almost all of them will have.....and are now being told their airports commission won't come through.....Worse, the money that was supposed to go to these homeowners is being used to expand the airport so Northwest can take over the main terminal. It's really arrogant and we are going to sue to protect them. Long term the solution is to continue to move forward with our goal of a statewide airport strategy that moves some traffic to places like St. Cloud and Rochester. I talked today with the mayors of St. Cloud and Willmar about this and will continue to lobby it at the Capitol. In the meantime it will take more of these meetings to get citizens the information they deserve....


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