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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Day in the Life: March 2

Great time this morning at Orchestra Hall for the first of two days of concerts for all third graders in Minneapolis Public Schools. At each of the concerts I do a reading of The Tin Forest to a really wonderful orgininal composition played by the orchestra. It's wonderful to see the kids so into the music.......an especially lively group from Bryn Mawr. I had nice talks with the kids on the way in an out....A few of them were asking me about what it was like to be Mayor. I asked them if they wanted to be one some day. "Nah," one boy said. "I want to be Michael Jackson." I wasn't quite sure where to go with that one.
Spoke this afternoon to a business group in south Minneapollis with another pitch for Step Up....and then did a radio interview on Step Up for WCCO....This leads up to tomorrow's press event to get more business leaders to create summer jobs this year.
Jobs were also the focus this afternoon when I made a presentation to the Chancellor of the MNSCU and a board helping to decide which bonding projects the system should support at the state legislature. I was encouraging them to support their plan to build a Health training institute on the MCTC campus in downtown Minneapolis.....It amazes me that 12% of the city's population now works in health care so this training facility is a great way to build more career ladders.
Abbott Northwestern's Heart Hospital had its grand opening tonight....really encouraging to see this big investment in Phillips, right next to the new Sears project.....The event gave me another chance to thank Allina and it's CEO Dick Pettengill for the decision to move it's headquarters to the former Sears building....and to promote our work on the new Lifesciences Corridor....the hope is to attract more medical related companies, especially medical devices and bio technology. Leaving I let myself dream about what this area will be like in 5 years....1300 or so more jobs, Global Marketplace, streetcar on the Midtown Greenway(?), people biking to work on the greenway, housing at all income levels, new businesses being launched in Plaza Verde......definately moving in the right direction.


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