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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day in the Life: March 11

Met in the morning with the Achieve!Minneapolis Board. This is the board I serve on that raises money for Minneapolis Public Schools. Today we had a very good discussion about job training programs and how we can continue to help the schools expand this work. We also had a report on Step Up, which now has more than 200 jobs committed. I gave two more speeches on it this week to business groups and I'm encouraged that people are getting the message about the importance of getting our kids meaningful work this summer.
Wednesday we had a great celebration at Plaza Verde, the former Antiques Minnesota Building on Lake Street. The building had fallen into disrepair and was dragging down the very successful projects around it like Mercado Central, MeGusta Marketplace and Heart of the Beast. Heart of the Beast first tried to develop it alone but that did not work so Erik Takeshita of my staff and I helped bring in Neighborhood Development Center which is also doing the Global Marketplace in Midtown Exchange. NDC and Heart of the Beast ended up being great partners so the top floor has the great celebration/performance space for Heart of the Beast while the ground floor as emerging businesses and the second floor has support services for creating new businesses. One of my favorite projects we have done. Stop by and help celebrate.
Friday afternoon at the State Capital we had a big victory. The Senate Transportation Committee approve unanimously a plan to develop a statewide aviation strategy. This is the result of several years of our lobbying to get a new vision for aviation in Minnesota that moves beyond just jamming more planes into the already over burdened MSP and over the already overburdend neighborhoods of south Minneapolis. I testified with Herb Bergson, the Mayor of Duluth. Previously I've testified with the Mayors of Rochester, St. Cloud, Willmar and Mankato. This coalition has made it possible to help change the direction of aviation debate at the Capital and for the first time in many years Minneapolis is not fighting this battle alone. I also have been working with members of the Congressional delegation from around the state to get them involved in this and will be talking with them again when I'm in Washington Monday.


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