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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Day in the Life:Feb. 5

Feb 5: Just finished a quick polka on the dance floor at Jacob's 101 as part of the SNO Ball....the annual event for the Sheridan Neighborhood Association. Usually a great event but especially good today because it comes just after we approved plans for moving ahead with the Ritz Theater....which the Sheridan Neighborhood has worked so hard on for so long.....About a year from now we can see Ballet of the Dolls in their new home.Before that I was a few blocks away in the California Building for Paul Ostrow's campaign kickoff. He gave a great speech about visions for Northeast.Those two events came after a few hours in Uptown celebrating the City of Lakes Loppet...which, amazingly enough, is going to take place tomorrow morning in spite of all the weather. Really heroic efforts by a great team of amazing volunteers, led by John Munger, Piotr Bernardski, Kate Ellis, Corey, Claire...a bunch of folks who led team of people shoveling, putting packets together....Uptown was jammed today with all the skiers, and tonight it was so great to see Hennepin and 31st covered with snow that had been trucked in.....The elite Olympians skiied the course first, then came a great group of kids trying it for the first time. Tomorrw morning about 1,700 of us will take off on the course, heading toward the Lakes where...with luck, we won't be sliding through standing water...In fact, I should get to bed if I'm going to ski 30k.


  • At February 9, 2005 at 8:55 PM, Blogger R.T. Rybak said…

    For the record, I never did ski because the race was cancelled. Shortly after writing that last post, a wind came up and the standing water on Lake Calhoun turned into white caps that washed away our ski track. At 3 a.m. the race was finally called. Depressing after all that work by so many volunteers....but Sunday morning ended up being a great time...the snow was on the streets of Uptown so we all skied around and had fun...Not the race we planned but considering the horrible weather, it was heroic to see that the volunteers did so much.
    The Loppet will be back even bigger next year....and it will snow.


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