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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Day in the Life: Feb. 26

The Rainbow Families event this morning was really encouraging. There were hundreds of people there, celebrating the strength of GLBT families. In my introduction I said welcomed them to Minneapolis, "a city where the Rainbow Families event is not held in private, or in a small room, but in a school, filled with hundreds of people with cars overflowing the parking lot. " (I also welcomed them to Minneapolis, "a city where the Mayor doesn't know how to fix a parking ticket so be careful where you put that car in the lot.") I also declared today Deborah Talen Day in Minneapolis, to honor her work to get Rainbow Families to this 10th Anniversary.
Fun event over the noon hour. The Food and Wine Experience was going on at the convention center....thousands of people bellying up to rows and rows of booths. I was there to help call attention to the Taste of Central Avenue, a booth orchestrated by the great John Vaughn to let people from around the state see all the great international food coming to Central. Yesterday Chiapas Restaurant was a big hit....John says that their surveys say Chiapas is the restaurant on Central that draws the most people from outside the area......Today the booth featured Cresant Moon, and I had an awesome pudding called something like Farna. Tomorrow's Palm Court, a Jamacian/Asian restaunt, which is an example of the fusion foods starting to spring up in Minneapolis; It's great to have restaurants from so many culutures but even better to start to see them mix the cuisines into something neither culture could do on it's own. This cross polination makes for better restaurants but in a larger sense...better cities.


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